The Music

the Powerpimps is a kick-ass rockband stationed in Rotterdam, Holland.
True believers of total debauchery and mayhem are they ready for world domination thru
Rock n' roll music.
Their live show is garanteed to make you forget all your bossy bitches at home or your bitchin' bossess at work.
Down and dirty, knock down kick ass rock 'n roll with a sleazy image.

Metal Edge Magazine; “you guys are a bunch of
cockroaches on steroids, assholes and pricks but
damn, you fill the gap that hasn't been filled since the
90's blew away everything that was cool and obnoxious”

Lace Guerrero

    Lead Vocals and Guitar

Probably the most arrogant, narcistic self proclaimed king of
the world ever to disgrace the western civilisation.
Custom made bulletproof male stripper that loves to go huntin' for female cavities.
Tunnel vision 24-7

Des Barrett


Undisputed no-nonsense anarchistic guy with
charisma and an element of danger.

Edward MathManic

    Lead Guitar & Additional Vocals


High energy to the max, 25 hours everyday.
Firm believer that the cooperation of booze and rock are the perfect combination!
Check him out on stage, where he plays his heart out and exploit his boundless energy.
With his long hair and animalistic magnetism, he brings the female fans right under the spell of his virtuoso guitar playing.
Lock up your daughters and girlfriends, this Menace is off the leash!!

Chrizz Ferrano

    Bass & Background Vocals

Screwed & Tattooed 4Life as he may be,
nonetheless is this man the sweetest of the P.I.M.P.S.
Introvert and spaced out is he poundin' his bass lines thru your veins and thru your core!