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    Hitting the studio Era dawns....

    As all you fans might have noticed, we haven't been playing for a while live.
    there's a reason to our madness;

    Lace Guerrero is very busy with his profession as a personal trainer in Fitness and starting up a business consumes the man.
    He is in all these sunny country's around the world on a regular basis and building his own gym box near his house.

    We felt it was time as a band to take some time off from the limelight and contemplate our future, and rejuvenate en reinvent ourselves so that we can come back ten times more powerfull.
    There is stuff and ideas in the making that will blow you away.

    And Finally - FINALLY - on big demand from all our fans, promotors and people from all over the place , we're gonna hit the studio and record our debut CD !

    See us live on May the 8th in Baroeg, Rotterdam supporting Hellstar and see us live on May the 9th in Boerderij, Zoetermeer !


    More dates will follow...!



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