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    It is official, the Powerpimps is a powertrio again, just like we were when we started out 10 years ago!

    Lace Guerrero - Vocals & Bass
    Eddy MathManic - Guitar & Backing Vocals
    Des Barrett - Drums


    To celebrate our longevity , we will be doing our rendition of a shitload of classic diamond covers - Powerpimps style ( read: pimp the fuckers the hell up! )


    Our upcummin' gig will be in Den Haag at Lokaal Vredebreuk.
    there we will share the night with our good friends from Metal Medley, an awesome coverband with members of Roadkill & Cell 29


    Come join the party, the movement, the debauchery!!


    A lot has happened in the Powerpimps camp !

    Last year saw the return of fan favorite Eddy MathManic back on lead guitar, and most of you already witnessed teh man in action on stage somewhere in Holland in a venue or festival.

    Chris Ferrano is taking a couple of months off, and instead of replacing him with a new member, Jerry Lace decided to step up and pick up the bass guitar again.
    As most of you know, Jerry originally is a bass player.

    So for the forseeable future the Powerpimps are back to being a 3 piece again, and the first try out gig is coming saturday! - 12 November at the Graauwe Hengst in Schiedam


    Jampacked, Loud, Obnoxious, Explosive, Raw, Explicit


    Just the same old ingredients that you come to expect and love from the Powerpimps, and deliver we did.
    You couldn't move a muscle in the audience, way past the capacity of the venue, jampacked to the max.
    WE LOVE IT !


    Sunday September the 7th we rocked the s**t outta Amersfoort during a rare daytime performance on a family festival

    Wicked stuff for ya :P


    Just when you thought Mr. Lace was outta the country for good, he decided to leave the days on the beach behind for now, and come back with a vengeance and take the Powerpimps to the next level as a dominating force in Sleaze Valhalla.

    When word came out that Jerry was back, the organization of Roadgrill was quick to ask the Pimps for a surprise slot on the bill.
    Happy to finally play together on stage again , the Pimps accepted without hesitation, but decided to do it slightly different; They would perform in street clothes !

    And what a good decision this turned out to be! the weather that day was smothering hot ! 34 degrees celsius in the shade



    With the always loveable partydudes from Cell 29 in the supportact, we rocked Sweet Lake City on this friday night.

    A night to remember!!


    Supporting our good friends of hellstar on a rainy thursdaynight in Rotterdam is how we roll.

    In a good filled Baroeg  we strutted our asses around on stage, delivering our sleazy mayhem to the captivated audience.
    Ofcourse our anthem "Fuck her from behind" went down well, and had the metalheads singing and shouting along while grabbing their girlfriends as a statement.



    As all you fans might have noticed, we haven't been playing for a while live.
    there's a reason to our madness;

    Lace Guerrero is very busy with his profession as a personal trainer in Fitness and starting up a business consumes the man.
    He is in all these sunny country's around the world on a regular basis and building his own gym box near his house.

    We felt it was time as a band to take some time off from the limelight and contemplate our future, and rejuvenate en reinvent ourselves so that we can come back ten times more powerfull.
    There is stuff and ideas in the making that will blow you away.

    And Finally - FINALLY - on big demand from all our fans, promotors and people from all over the place , we're gonna hit the studio and record our debut CD !

    See us live on May the 8th in Baroeg, Rotterdam supporting Hellstar and see us live on May the 9th in Boerderij, Zoetermeer !


    More dates will follow...!



    Time to pay the Little Devil in Tilburg another visit!

    Our good friend and Powerpimps fan Frans Wijnen booked us there together with our friends of Birmingham Sunset to play on his Sleaze 80's Metal party

    Birmingham Sunset opened up for us with their fine set of all the 80's daimond covers of Accept, Iron Maiden WASP and so on...
    We love this band!

    We did what we love to do, make a spectacle of ourselves and be outrageous

    Our anthem "Fuck her from behind" really starts to hit off with the audience every time we play it!


    On August the 10th we played at the Welsh Coast MCC Treffen in Breda.

    It turned out to be a helluva party with 400 of our that day closest friends! :)

    Good weather, women, bikes and alcohol galore made us stay till the morning light

    Next year part II - the Sequel!