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    On July the 20th we played the Roadgrill festival of our good friend Gary Verweij.

    A long hot sweaty day full of Heavy Metal, Beer & BBQ!
    We'll sign up for that every day!

    Second on the bill we blasted thru the set with all our bravado, machismo & cockiness that people have so comed to love.
    Opening up with Widow Maker to make clear that we were not about to take prisoners.


    July the 13th we had a very intimate BBQ with our good friends from Birminghma Sunset, Devil's 3rd at our good friend Mike Waaijer's place.

    A total chaos and mayhem all night long , but damn what a party! Mike, you know how to build one, you nasty ald brewer!
    F**kin' hammered by the time we did our last song, just because Mike kept pouring his mean liquer down our throats while playin' on stage!

    You rule, dude!


    July the 6th we played 2 gigs on 1 day, so good chance you catched us somewhere on the highway doin' 95!

    In the day daytime we played the very cool festival Willem's Wondere Weiland in Amersfoort.
    With a crowd larger than 1000 people, we had an intimate party on stage - firm believers of our own bullshit, that is total debauchery, mayhem and S.E.X. anytime, anywhere, we were able to convince the crowd that that's the way have any credibility as a genuine sleazy SMF !

    Damn, baby - unbelievable how fast an hour runs by!

    In the evening we played at a biker's treffen in Zoetermeer.
    We had a total blast there as well, but just between you and me, our ultimate high for that day could not be topped, Amersfoort kicked major backside!


    June the 29th we rocked our candy asses off in Scheveningen in a place called the Saturnus, but was strangely enuff called the YMCA above the entrance.
    So we finally can say we hang out at the YMCA, people!

    We were opening up for our good friends Roadkill, and they were so kind to let us play over their backline, so no breakin' our backs with equipment this time 'round.

    F**kin' good crowd, and a special thanx to our loyal fans from MC de Fles, Spijkenisse, they came down to support us and go f**kin' mental with us, SAVAGE!


    Mike's Music Shop with Dream Overkill on 27th of April was very cool to do, just to play with an original NWOBHM band from the early 80's and to hear all the anecdotes from those guys was priceless!

    May the 10th & 11th we did a weekend of Schiedam , where we played Total Music & Stappertje back to back, especially Stappertje was mayhem indeed, jampacked to the max capacity and probably exceeded, we rocked the audience to an ultimate legal high!

    June the 15th we went back to Schiedam to do it once again, for evrybody who couldn't get enough and for everybody who missed it the month prior!







    April the 13th we rocked the hell outta Almere ate the annual metal festival, Meesterlijk Metaal number 16!

    Damn great audience full of Heavy Metal Maniacs, we had a total blast on stage & back stage!!
    Very big demand for an encore, which we happily provided, total mayhem on stage when the maniacs jumped with us onstage en masse to bang their heads on our Anthem Girlschool Of Hard Knocks

    All photos made by our very own Angel


    Last thursdaynight we played in an almost packed Boerderij Cafe in Zoetermeer.

    Extremely tiny stage, so forgive us that we couldn't run around like the maniacs you people are used to!

    Photos made by Andre Seesink & Ron van Varik


    Last saturday Februaru the 2nd we had a very good time at in our eyes world's end!

    Damn, Den Helder is cold! but nonetheless a great crowd to play for, and very welcoming and supportive!

    Major thanx goes out to the owner of Cafe de Engel, Vincent Zomer - mate, you are one of a kind! Thanx a lot, for lending out your house for a pimped up night full of debauchery and mayhem!

    We packed quite a very well filled Cafe de Engel, crowd loved us and we loved the crowd, we did what we do good and the rest is history!

    Photos made by Angel


    Our very own X-mas sleaze party of the year on dec the 22nd was a huge succes!

    What a night! With a full house of fans and 2 of our befriended bands we partied till we drop...

    Opening up for us was Jacklust, great sleaze punkrockband with young dudes in their early twenties our even late teens.
    Called among the crowd that night the Junior Pimps ;-)

    Second up ; Birmingham Sunset, Awesome metal coverband, and then I mean not your average middle of the road shitty coverband, hell no!
    This is the summum of all coverbands, this is the band that should go out and teach all these coverbands how to deliver the goods!
    Solid genuine '80's metal covers, well played and with a good stage presence!

    When the time came for us to enter the stage, the place was already filled up and when we opened with Fire the crowd went nuts, this is what everybody, including us came down for - dirty unadulterated, take no prisoners sleazy metal!

    Hell baby, it sure is good to be a pimp from time to time!

    We ended our show with all our friends from Jacklust & Birmingham Sunset on stage to do a tongue in cheek rendition of Slade's Merry X-mas, and everybody had a blast!

    What a great way to start the Christmas holidays!!


    December the 15th we kicked some major backside in the infamous Loose End in Reeuwijk.

    Helluva nice big stage and overall a bloody good venue!

    We had 2 supportacts that night, and Something Else was the first to go on.
    Something Else is the new band of long time Powerpimps buddy, Marchal Matters
    Raunchy punkrock with a New York sound , just what we come to expect from our good mate Marchal...

    Second up that night was Slew Jones, nice guys that love to party and awesome lads to hang out with.
    Solid groovy 80's Rock in the trend of Guns n' Roses.

    Finally the time came for us to smoke the stage!!
    We strutted, pouted our lips, shook our asses and did all the vile stuff you fans and spectators love to see us do.

    Great gig!

    Thanx to Sandra Zeilstra for the pics!